Seasons 1.3 released – Now supporting US and France.

New release of version 1.3

Whether being at the supermarket or choosing a menu at a restaurant – we have to decide what to eat every single day. Seasons, an application made for the iPhone, makes it now easier for customers across Northern America and Europe to experience produce all at the very peak of freshness just as nature intended.

Seasons for the iPhone and iPod Touch provides all the information you need to make the right decisions when choosing your food. The database of the application contains 170 entries of fruits, vegetables, lettuce, herbs, mushrooms and nuts.

The recent release expands its support for seasonal data from Central Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland to the United States and France. This includes information about local seasons as well as seasonal imports.

The nice user interface gives a weekly overview of produce currently being in season. It also allows to browse the content by month or category as well as searching by name. In addition to a photo of every single entry there is a detailed seasonal chart as well as a brief description text to get some background information.

The application is listed under category Lifestyle at the iTunes App Store


  • Seasons data for fruits, vegetables, lettuces, herbs, fungi and nuts
  • 170 entries, each with photo, short description and season data
  • Includes local seasons as well as import seasons
  • Detail view for each entry with all the information and season sequence
  • Overview of fruits with current season
  • Monthly overview
  • Category overview
  • Search
  • Auto detect region setting (US, Canada, West and Central Europe, UK/Ireland) using GPS/WLAN

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About Christian Klotz & Saskia Schmidt

Christian Klotz is working in new media and interaction design for more than five years. He recently joined the London based production company Pirata as Creative Technologist. Since 2004 his focus increasingly changed to mobile application design. Since 2008 he is also working on iPhone applications.

Saskia Schmidt is working in animation, interactive media concepts and media production, as well as media education. During the last couple of years she sucessfully put multiple concepts into practice which focus on working with children and youths.


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